Tactical Emergency Medicine Support (TEMS) Agency Survey

TEAM LEADERS-Please read this post,go to this link and complete this survey.

Tactical medics give medical care in forward areas where conventional EMS, lacking the necessary training and equipment, cannot or should not venture. This medical care can reduce the incidence of injury and death while increasing the morale of tactical operators. Tactical medics also provide general medical support to officers before, during and after missions. Minor injuries and the environment can adversely affect an officer’s health and diminish their effectiveness. Medics treat wounded/ill officers and can provide advice on:
• Environmental issues
• Rest/work cycles
• Hydration
• Food & nutrition on extended operations
• Preventative medicine
• Medical advocacy

The roles and responsibilities of a tactical medic vary greatly from team to team. The common thread that all tactical medics must have is the dedication to duty and self-discipline to insure that they provide the best possible care for the team in which they serve. This would include being proficient in: advanced pre-hospital medical skills; law enforcement tactics, movement, and weapons; access to and communication with EMS providers and hospital personnel; and being prepared and equipped to participate in tactical operations.

The United States military has recognized this potential asset and incorporated it into operations for decades. The success of their program in reducing morbidity and mortality has brought the concept to light in civilian law enforcement. The Mississippi Tactical Officers Association has recognized the potential benefit of adding this asset to tactical teams in our state. In an attempt to start the process of organizing and advancing the training of tactical medicine providers, a short survey has been created to gather some basic information about the state of awareness and the availability of TEMS assets in our area.