Tactical Casualty Care Course-Camp Shelby, MS.

The next class is set for 30 Sept-4 Oct, 2013. Some MTOA operators have attended this training and said it was excellent. Cost is $250.00 with lodging, $190.00 without lodging.

The Combat Medic Training Center of the 154th Regimental Training Institute is dedicated to providing Law Enforcement Officers with the knowledge, skills, attitude, and training needed to increase survivability while injured by ballistic projectiles in life threatening situations. The Instructors of the Combat Medic Training Center are committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards of Medical Care while providing to providing realistic training environment and comprehensive model of Tactical Casualty Care. The Combat Medic Training Center teaches essential medical skills to provide Law Enforcement Officers with the knowledge and confidence needed to perform advanced lifesaving techniques from lessons learned on the battlefield.

Our Tactical Casualty Care Course for Officers is a 5 day, 40 hour, course in buddy aid and trauma care covering essential training in bleeding control, airway management, thoracic trauma, shock prevention, rescue carries and drags. Each Officer will receive and train using the Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) containing all of the medical equipment trained on in course. Every Officer who completes the course will also receive a fully stocked IFAK. The Tactical Casualty Care Course provides comprehensive training in several formats: the classroom setting, practical hands-on training, simulation, and scenarios. Our staff combines the expertise of medics proven on the battlefield and the experience of instructors who have prepared thousands of soldier medics for deployment.

SFC Richard R Williams
BLDG 1450 14TH ST
Camp Shelby, MS 39407
Phone: (601)558-2969
Fax: (601)558-2969