Select Fire Rifle/Subgun Instructor-Poplarville, MS
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Select-Fire Rifle / Submachine Gun Instructor Cost: $695
Hosted by the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office Poplarville, MS
November 7-11, 2011

Overview: This dynamic and challenging program combines weapon handling skills, tactical applications, and teaching, training, and coaching techniques to assist the instructor in delivering concepts to other officers. This course is applicable for the select-fire rifle and carbine as well as the submachine gun. Participants should be in good physical condition, have an open mind, and be ready to receive and try new concepts. Days will last longer than 8 hours and our curriculum includes several evening events.

Concepts and Skills:
• Platforms and Fighting Positions
• Semiautomatic and Full Auto Fire
• Failure Drills and Transitions
• Support Side Engagements
• Doubling Your Downrange Firepower
• Team Movements
• Why Communication Is Critical • Officer Rescue
• Doorways, Angles, and Entries
• Shooting on the Move
• Low Light Engagements
• Close Quarters Battle and Engagements
• Small Unit Tactics and Drills
• Winning Mindset

Instructor Development: This course is designed for the officer who will be training other officers. Students will participate in the instructional process to include program design and development, range safety and preplanning, and the delivery of concepts and skills in both the classroom and on the range. We will present liability issues, case law, and the design and content of lesson plans for those who need to create or justify their own training program.

Equipment Requirements: Each participant must bring the following:
• Complete Duty or Tactical Gear
• Select Fire Rifle or Submachine Gun with 3,000 rounds ammunition and a minimum of 4 magazines
• Sling capable of cross-body front carry is required on all long guns
• Duty Pistol with 500 rounds ammunition and a minimum of 3 magazines
• Body Armor
• Gas Mask
• Nomex hood or balaclava • Kevlar or Nomex gloves
• High intensity flashlight (even if long gun is equipped you must have a hand held light)
• Eye and Hearing Protection (clear lenses for night events)
• Hydration Source
• Knee Pads
• Clothing for all weather conditions
• Equipment bag that will allow you to bring all of your gear to the staging area with you

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