Law Enforcement First Response (LEFR) Medical Training, 2/17/2015 (CANTON)

This is the Flyer and sign up information for LEFR (Law Enforcement First Response)  This class is geared for your officer that do NOT have medical background.  This is a indepth, but basic, self-aid/buddy-aid course (SEE ATT .pdf)

THIS IS A FREE CLASS, that is normally $150.00 per person, that is being funded by the Central Ms. Trauma Region

Any further info or questions needed contact:

Mickee Ramsey


Mickee Ramsey NREMT-P

Field Training Officer

Tactical Paramedic

American Medical Response
South Region
Central Ms. Operation
600 Melvin Bender Dr.
Jackson, Ms. 39213
601-713-4340 ( OFFICE )
601-668-7804 ( Cell )

LEFR Flyer for Feb-15 Class.pdf