Canine Legal Issues-Southaven

On Monday, November 21, 2011 the Southaven Police Department is hosting a Canine Legal Issues and Update Class. The class is being taught by Terry Fleck who is a 28 year K-9 Handler/Trainer and author of Canine Legal Update and Opinions. (See attached Bio) The class is being held at the Southaven Library located at 8554 Northwest Drive, which is adjacent to the Southaven Police Department.

Tuition for the class is $150.00 per student.

To register for the class contact Capt. Johnny Cox at 662-393-8654 or e-mail at

Payment for the class is made payable to Southaven Police Department, 8691 Northwest Drive, Southaven, Ms. 38671.

For lodging information contact Capt. Johnny Cox.

Deputy Sheriff II / Canine Handler (Ret.)
South Lake Tahoe, California

Terry Fleck, Ed.D, is a Deputy Sheriff II / Canine Handler (retired) in South Lake Tahoe, California. Terry has been in law enforcement for 28 years and has been involved with police dogs during that time. Terry has been a police dog handler and trainer for 28 years and has trained and handled three police dogs, patrol dogs cross-trained for search and rescue, narcotic detection, evidence recovery, cadaver recovery, avalanche recovery and tracking / trailing.

Terry is an expert in canine legalities. Author of the Canine Legal Update and Opinions for supervisors & administrators plus patrol, narcotic & contraband, explosive, tracking, search & rescue and accelerant dogs, Terry tracks and updates the canine industry on current case law and legal trends.

With a degree of Doctor of Education in Criminal Justice, Terry teaches Canine Legal Update and Opinions Seminars throughout the United States and Canada. He has taught over 25,000 canine handlers, supervisors, administrators, agency attorneys, prosecuting attorneys and risk managers nationwide. His classes focus on canine legalities, the prevention of canine litigation and canine tactics.

Terry is also an expert in canine tactics. He studies canine tactics and develops techniques to keep canine handlers safe, utilizing their dogs to maximum tactical advantage. In addition, Terry teaches several canine tactical seminars, including Defensive Tactics for K-9 teams, Tactical High Risk K-9 Tracking, High Risk Vehicle Stops and High Risk Vehicle Assaults with a K-9 Team, Chemical Munitions Deployment with a K-9 Team and Tactical Handgun and Urban Rifle Techniques for K-9 Teams.